About Us

Fashion to people, that’s our revolution song! A group of people who are irritated at the high rates of branded products, our aim with export surplus is to provide the people products from the best brands all over the world at obscenely low rates!

How  you may ask! With smug smiles on our faces, we will let you in on a deep secret called Export surplus. It is through this method that we are able to provide the best prices for branded clothes and accessories.

The days of moaning over the crowd of branded products in malls and the despair at not being able to buy the expensive stuff is now over. Export Surplus takes care of your ‘band’ consciousness while not being a burden on your pockets.

What We Do

Bring the export surplus to you! As every major export order is manufactures with an estimate of contingencies, some products are always left due to this over-estimation. Further shipment delays, natural calamities etc. sometimes render these products unsold. This is where we come into the picture. We bring to you these products at never before seen or heard prices to enhance the style quotient massively!

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